First Bites: Kamasouptra

Kamasouptra, the latest addition to the second floor of the Public Market House officially opens on April 13.  After a ‘soft-opening’ on Sunday it has been serving a variety of soups and gearing up for its Grand Opening on Tuesday.  Based on a few soup samples and my bowl of chili, the restaurant is a great option for a quick, hearty, and satisfying lunch.

Although it’s never a good idea to review a restaurant based on its first couple of days, the folks at Kamasouptra have been cooking and selling these soups for the last ten months (via delivery and at restaurants such as Novare Res and Bard Coffee).  Thus, there’s no doubt that they know their soup and have these recipes down cold.  The only question is how it will incorporate the promised seafood options into the repertoire of vegetarian and vegan soups.

The vegetarian chili features kidney and black beans, red bell and poblano peppers, onions, and tomatoes in a medium-thick vegetable stock redolent of cumin and ground chili pepper.  It’s a good, hearty chili without the fattiness or oiliness you often find in meat-based versions.  The spices lend a subtle heat which pleasantly grows as you work your way through the dish; warming comfort food in a bowl.

The roasted red pepper and Gouda was different, yet equally as good, demonstrating the restaurant’s skill with both chunky and pureed soups.  The Gouda adds a rich nuttiness and imparts a hint of smoke to this smooth potage.  This soup is right up there with some of the best soups I’ve enjoyed at Duckfat.  Only the vegan scotch broth soup was disappointing, with a slightly blander veggie base (particularly when compared to the deep flavors of the chili and roasted red pepper soups).

Since I work a few short blocks from the Public Market House I am planning frequent return trips to try more soup and provide a complete overview of the offerings at Kamasouptra.  I’m particularly looking forward to trying the beer and cheddar, loaded potato, and vegetarian tortilla soups featured on today’s menu as well as the many other rotating soups listed on its website.  The breakfast offerings have also piqued my interest, with freshly made Scottish oatmeal and breakfast quinoa.

If you are in the Monument Square area on Tuesday, Kamasouptra will be offering free soup samples (and cupcakes!) during its Grand Opening from 10:30 a.m. until 7:00 p.m.

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